$DIGIPT is a BEP-20 token designed as the main currency to access the services and products offered by the Digiplaza platform. It is the native token of the ecosystem with which platform activities such as yield farming, liquidity pool, governance and staking will be carried out as well as fees on the NFT Marketplace and exchange will be collected.


Wait a minute, what makes the platform UNIQUE?


The platform is built on the Binance Smart Chain — amongst the first of its kind. One pain point for existing platforms is that they charge high fees and transactions are slow because of the blockchain network they are using. This is the main reason why Digiplaza is built on the BSC Chain — commercial benefits include lower fees compared to other platforms and transactions are processed in under 5 seconds or faster!


The vision is to create accessibility and mass adoption so that anyone who has an internet connection and a smart device will be able to make fast and secure transactions (financial or otherwise) across the world through one single platform: Digiplaza.



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Princess May Amaranto

Princess May Amaranto


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